Interview of our team EYIA with William Schreiber - participant workshop SOLIDARITY ACADEMY 2014.

Interview of our team EYIA with William Schreiber - participant  workshop  SOLIDARITY ACADEMY 2014.. 
Wiliam is a teaching fellow at the European Studies Council at Yale University. He currently advises the Kyiv City Public Administration on municipal reform and the coordination of
development aid. As a journalist, he has written about Central and East Europe for The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Kyiv Post, Business Ukraine, Ukrainskiy Tydzhen and others. He is a co-editor and author of two books, Moldova: Arena of International Influences (Lexington Books, 2012) and the forthcoming Digital Eastern Europe (College of Eastern Europe, 2015). His previous experience includes serving as Executive Director of the Washington DC-based
American Polish Advsiory Council and a role at the Warsaw-based Community of Democracies. He holds a degree in international relations and European, Russian and Eurasian studies from
The George Washington University. 
ECS, Gdansk 19 November 2014,
realized: Magda Żarek: EYIA coordynator & Student Radio ATENEUM : interview
Joanna Michalkiewicz: EYIA coordinator & High School ViloGdansk - camera, editing
Paweł Lenkiewicz, Katarzyna Wolter and Damian Grochulski :  High School ViloGdansk,
Filip Sobolewski, Oliwia Dzielska, Julia Amelańczuk, Alicja Kucharska, Daria Król and  Anna Komsta: Middle Schol ViloGdansk
Project Manager: Jan Jackowicz-Korczyński  

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